Tipec operates in three markets – state government, local government and the development industry. Our biggest market is local government. Tipec is a home-based business, based in Hervey Bay and Toowoomba and the majority of our work occurs in the Toowoomba and Wide Bay regions.

Here is a listing of some of the previous projects Tipec has completed.

Development Assessment - Toowoomba

Client: Toowoomba Regional Council

Tipec has been successfully providing development assessment civil engineering services to Toowoomba Regional Council since February 2013. The services have been provided within the Toowoomba Regional Council office by Craig Thompson.

Tasks undertaken include the engineering assessment of planning and operational works applications, preparation of information requests, liaison with other Council departments, presentation at Council meetings, preparation of conditions for decision notices, and negotiation of development outcomes. The role also includes mentoring and training graduate engineers. Major projects worked on include; Wellcamp Airport and Business Park, Grand Central Redevelopment, and the Fernleigh Development at Westbrook.

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Esplanade Cyclist Safety Improvements


The Esplanade Hervey Bay is an important cycling route for cyclists and forms part of the Principal Cycle Network. Tipec has developed an action plan and preliminary design drawings to improve road safety for road cyclists including bike lanes, bicycle awareness zones (BAZ) and reduction in speed limits from 50km/h to 40km/h in the business activity centres at Scarness, Torquay and Urangan. A staged approach was proposed allowing for low cost solutions e.g. BAZ and speed reduction in the interim with shoulder widening and reallocation of lane space in the long term.  

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Barolin Street Upgrade


Barolin Street is a distributor road connecting the southern suburbs of Bundaberg with the CBD. Tipec prepared preliminary layout plans and assessed the traffic implications of five street upgrade options that included four traffic lanes, bike lanes and footpaths, signalisation of a key intersection and access restrictions on side streets. Preliminary layout plans of two options were modified into community consultation plans. To assess the impact of side street access restrictions, a traffic model was prepared and traffic reassigned to other streets. Intersection performance with the reassigned traffic was modelled using SIDRA.

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Active Transport to School


Encouraging more students to use active transport (walk, scooter, cycle or bus) to get to school was the key objective of the Active Transport to School project, with the target being a 10% reduction in the number of trips to school by car. Tipec worked with Tinana State School, Kawungan State School, and Howard State School to develop an Active Transport Plan for each school and then helped with the implementation of the plan over a 12 month period.

Common across all the schools was the overwhelming desire for students not to be driven to school by car. Typically when students were surveyed and asked their preferred mode of transport to school over 70% of students said they would prefer active transport modes (walk, scooter, cycle or bus) but less than 30% actually use active transport. This indicates a strong desire for students to change their transport mode.

A number of actions were agreed to encourage active school transport including:

  • Producing best route to school maps;
  • Nominated park and stride locations where parents could drop off their children and let them walk the remainder of the trip;
  • Austcycle programs within the school;
  • Secure scooter facilities;
  • Weekly active transport days.

One of the schools achieved the 10% target and the other two schools showed considerable progress towards the target.

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Narrabri Walk and Cycle Plan


Tipec in conjunction with Zwart Transport Planning has completed a cycling and pedestrian strategy for the towns of Narrabri, Wee Waa and Boggabri for Narrabri Shire Council. The strategy identifies opportunities to create a connected and safe walk and cycle network in the three towns, presents a co-ordinated works program and enables some facilities to be constructed as part of new development. The project work included mapping of existing and proposed facilities, pedestrian access audits, preparation of cost estimates for infrastructure improvements and prioritisation of works.

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