Conscious Leadership 2019

Posted on June 15th, 2020

Design Manager Laura Taborda attended a Conscious Leadership Brisbane Workshop in August 2019 presented by Susan Pearse from Mind Gardner. The workshop focused on providing managers with a new style of leadership, that focuses on collaboration, care, intuition and present moment awareness.

The program was delivered in three modules; leading the individual self, leading performance in others and leading culture and environment in your business. The skills and techniques learnt were then applied to real-world business and leadership challenges.

Laura states:

As engineering professionals, we are organisers, planners, problem solvers, and technicians but that is not always the best set of skills to be a good leader. This program encouraged me to take a different approach, to be more innovative and creative. We have the ability to make changes with our strengths and passion. Taking pride in what we do will give us satisfaction and sense of achievement in our community, and within our team.

Laura Taborda at the Conscious Leadership Workshop in Brisbane.

Tipec and the team will benefit from the workshop, with Laura passing on the knowledge and implementing some skills to further develop the business.